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Musicians ... UNITE!!

2008-04-18 15:13:57 by Newgrounds-United

Newgrounds-United is a Collab Group (name is a spinoff of Roadrunner United).

if you would like to Collab with any of us or any other muscians just PM Newgrounds-United and we will set something up.

The List *active collabers

Bad-Man-Incorporated - Vocals / Drum Programmer

XxCrucifiedxX - Vocals

Elfofchaos - Vocals

Gorekiller - Keyboards

Sonofkirk - Guitar / Drum Programmer

XxCowmeatxX - Guitar / Drum Programmer / Synth Programmer

FarCryDX - Guitar / Drum Programmer

Speedmetalmessiah - Guitar / Synth Programmer

* I would like this list to grow so if you want to be added just PM Newgrounds-United.
* If you would like to be taken off the list just PM us.
* If you have a skill that i have not listed just PM

Current Projects

Symphony X cover - XxCowmeatxX, Sonofkirk, XxCrucifedxX, Bad-Man-Incorporated and Speedmetalmessiah.

Pic by Sonofkirk

Musicians ... UNITE!!


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2008-04-19 00:34:58

I will be the first to comment on your first post. And seeing as I did... you should visit my page because i have some jokes there that could give you a good ol' laugh.

Oh and by the way welcome to newgrounds.

Newgrounds-United responds:

thanks for being first :D and i will take a stop by your page. thanks and tell your friends about us! \m/


2008-04-19 06:47:23

I bet this is going to be the most 1337 and brutal thing ever to hit newgrounds! lol

Newgrounds-United responds:

Yeah dude !


2008-04-19 15:57:37

It's an honor to be a part of this guys.

Newgrounds-United responds:

It's an honor to collaborate with you, doode ! welcome !



2008-04-19 16:37:52

Wow sick pic dude! did you just make that urself thats awesome!

Newgrounds-United responds:

LOL Yeah, I love Photo Shop ^^.


2008-04-20 12:05:46

get over yourself already! lol

Newgrounds-United responds:

^^ lol ...


2008-04-26 01:15:51

Definately an honor to be working with such talent. Thanks for the opportunity!!

\m/ HAIL! \m/

Newgrounds-United responds:

Haha, man. yeah they are all talented but me, i'm just a fuckin' bad guitarist !


2008-04-26 06:14:12

stop putting yourself down bro! lol, if you can play SX your atleast a decent guitarist lol. for a young buck your a really good guitar player. lol

Newgrounds-United responds:

Lol, i'm practicing my solo section but my fingers can't get enough fast !