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First Collab !

2008-04-26 18:48:27 by Newgrounds-United

We are currently covering a Symphony X song from the album "Twilight in the Olympus".

This is the list of the musician who are currently working on the song :

*XxCowmeatxX at the Bass, Synth Programming and Coaching ^_^

*XxCrucifiedxX at the Vokills

*Bad-Man-Incorporated at the Voice Mixing

*Speedmetalmessiah at the Lead Guitar

*Sonofkirk at the Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums Programming and Mixing

*Hating4AM at the Synth and Drums Programming

The collab is now available. Enjoy.

Keep it Metal, Stay Brutal, HAIL, PEACE, Hail Satan, \m/.

First Collab !


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2008-04-27 09:24:20

Lol, coaching... thats a new one lol. i like that though ^^

Newgrounds-United responds:

HAHA ! You are my coach !! And is there some grammatical mistakes ?


2008-04-28 23:07:13

I can't wait to hear it, so far what I've heard (music) is awesome!!!

Newgrounds-United responds:

Yeah, man. But it so far better with your vokills !
Anyway, I'm finishing my third solo and I send all the voice track to bad man.


2008-05-05 23:30:17


\m/ HAIL! \m/

Newgrounds-United responds:

Fuck yeah dude !!!



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